Anyone use KVM?


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May 10, 2005
I have a new PB and I need to get a kvm to attach it to my current desktop setup. I am looking for a recommendation for a good, cheap, 2 system kvm that i know works well with macs.

USB output for PB
output can be ps2 or USB for desktop.
2 computer unit (4 if it's cheap)
I'm getting memory from newegg, so it would be nice if it was there too...

that's it.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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Feb 19, 2005
Belkin. Make sure the one you get also lets you plug in your speakers so you can use those between the two.


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Jan 25, 2005
I have a Belkin F1DK102UUK KVM which I've used between my PC and Mini Mac. For the price its not bad, you dont get sound switching tho.

It can be a bit buggy sometimes i.e. mouse and keyboard not switching over properly, randomly switching to the other screen when you boot up the PC. Sometimes PC doesnt recognise it, although I blame MS for that :)

But for £25, I really cant complain. Came with cables and stuff :D