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Discussion in 'iPad' started by ejb190, Dec 23, 2012.

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    I've been trying to talk my boss into letting us go to iPads to reduce our paperwork and materials we deal with. (Any given day I have three to five clipboards and a milk crate of reference books.) But are they going to last for us? We played around with Trimble Nomads, but at $1500 a pop and old technology, we didn't get very far with them.

    So what's your experience using an iPad outdoors in the sun, rain, and weather. Are the cases that are out there enough to protect them? Or are we just going to trash a pile of iPads or be sorry we went that way?
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    iPads handle pretty well in outdoor conditions. But if you're concerned about extreme weather conditions, you look into the Life Proof cases for your device. I've heard good reviews about the Life Proof cases for iOS devices -- including iPhones, iPods and iPads:
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    With the right case, you should be ok in keeping them safe from weather, bumps, etc. The only thing that concerns is the glare factor.
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    My company gives iPads to employees who need computers when working outdoors (civil engineers etc) They work fine, although i'd recommend a very tough case and some sort of anti-glare screen cover
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    Thought there was some mention of military use, so there must be a case or something that works outdoors.
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    I use a Griffin Survivor case for my iPad Mini when I take it off into the woods for any hiking, fishing, hunting. I use it as a big old gps with a bad elf gps receiver. So far no problems with the case.

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