iPad Pro Anyone use the standard Smartcover with the IPP 12.9?


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Dec 11, 2008
Moving from iPad Air 2 to IPP 12.9.

Has the smart cover worked well with the larger iPad? I am not sure I would make sufficient use of the Smart Keyboard cover to justify it. Also the ASK markedly increases weight. Not to unmanageable levels, but the ASK does increase weight. I am not ruling out the ASK either. I have never used a keyboard with any iPad. I have held all my iPads on my chest, lap or knees. I rarely use it at a desk, but I would consider that with the larger iPad.

I visited the Apple Store today and was pleasantly surprised how manageable the larger iPad was and how much better it was for me given my eyesight.

I liked the pencil and the ASK, but I am not sure how much I would use either.

I use the iPad for email, iMessage, YouTube, web surfing,Apple Music, Notability, iBooks, web forums etc.

I have a MS office 365 subscription.

I am getting the IPP 12.9 because of vision issues, more then how I use it. My area of confusion is about what accessories are best for me, as both the ASK and pencil would be new areas of use for me.

Mobility is not a significant issue. I rarely take the iPad out of the house. I am not adverse to using it at the desk or dining room table, but to date, I have not done that.


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Jul 21, 2014
I got a couple of the charcoal gray smart covers from Best Buy (apple brand) for $5. Be on the look out because stores are clearing out the gen 1 smart covers, in replacement of the gen 2 ones. The thing is, they are the SAME cover, lol. So you can find great deals. I also found a 12.9" ASK at Sam's Club for $36. I bought it to use with the 12.9" and I have a Logitech Keys to Go for my mini. I DO NOT believe the ASK is worth the full asking price. I would not pay more than $50 for it.


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Jun 9, 2015
So I went from the iPad Air 2 to the first gen iPad Pro 12.9 when it first came out and initially I got it with the Pencil and the apple Smart Keyboard and I liked it. It felt kinda bulky and heavy but it was a lot lighter than carrying around a laptop so I just kinda dealt with the weight.

But then when I got the 2nd gen iPad Pro, I passed down my old one with Smart Keyboard to my daughter and well. I didn't have one anymore! I just had an old Smart Cover so instead of buying another keyboard, I used that for awhile and the software keyboard for typing and I've been doing that ever since I got the iPad and I can't imagine going back to the weight of the Smart Keyboard. Eveytime I pick up my iPad I notice the lightness and I've gotten so good at typing with the software keyboard I actually enjoy it more. And the 2 finger-turning-it-into-a-touchpad thing is really cool for selecting text and I didn't have that with the hardware keyboard.

Just my 2 cents, but I thought I really liked having the Smart Keyboard when I had it but now that I've been without it, I enjoy my iPad so much more. Software keyboard ftw

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