Anyone using AKiTiO Node TB3 eGPU?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by tpivette89, Dec 12, 2018.

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    I ordered an Akitio full length Node TB3 eGPU from a reputable seller on Ebay. The unit arrived quickly, and I swapped out my RX 480 that was in my 5,1 Mac Pro into the enclosure and connected it to the Mini using the supplied TB3 cable. All went well, as the system recognized the eGPU and card, and benchmarks proved a noticeable increase in performance.

    However, a few days later, I shut the Mini down and unplugged everything to set up my new desk. After getting things in place and re-wiring everything, I powered on both the eGPU and the Mini. Mini fired right up, but I got a black screen. Upon looking at the eGPU, it appeared that it wasn't powered on. Flicking the power off and then on again resulted in the light blinking once, the fan spinning up for a quick moment, and then nothing... fan stopped spinning and no light.

    After waiting for about an hour, I tried powering it on again and it worked! Everything showed up as normal on the Mini regarding the external graphics.

    Fast forward to yesterday and I again powered everything down in order to upgrade the RAM. After about a half hour to do the install, I powered everything back up, but again had the same symptoms from the Akitio Node... quick blip of the light and fan spinning for a moment, then nothing. Again, I waited about an hour, powered the eGPU back on, and it started working again.

    My question is this: is this normal for the Akitio Node TB3 enclosure? Or is there some kind of power supply issue that makes it not able to power on after heating up? Seems as though a lengthy cool down does the trick. There is a 30 day return policy from the seller on Ebay... should I put in a request?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Who cares whether it's normal. You're using a GPU that Mojave supports and that you know is in working order.

    It is not normal for external GPU enclosures, no doubt including the Akitio Node, to behave like this.

    Just get one that will reliably supply power to your GPU.

    Two big caveats:

    1. check that your RX 480 is seated correctly and firmly on the enclosure's pins; and
    2. check that the port connections on the enclosure, mini and monitor are firm.
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    Yes, everything is seated correctly and firmly. I actually never removed the graphics card when powering the unit down. Just shut it off after the Mini was powered down.

    I understand the RX 480 is an approved card for Mohave, I was just wondering if anyone else with experience with this particular eGPU has had this issue. And if it's just something that owners of this unit just have to deal with for buying a "lower end" eGPU. The power supply is rated for 390 watts, so in theory there is more than enough there to power the card. It has run for several days just fine, just seems to have a hiccup when powering down. When its on, it works, and works well. If I just have to wait a little while after shutting down to power it back on, I could honestly live with that... IF others had told me that this is normal for this brand/unit.

    However, it looks like I should return the unit for another, as I seem to have received a defective one. Luckily the seller has been very understanding and offered to exchange the unit for another one.
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    I got the same enclosure 3d ago for my 2012 mini - first time I powered it on nothing happened, tried swapping the 6pins on my GTX780 and it came on and works like a charm (with all the necessary scripts for Thunderbolt 1 Mac that is ;) )

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