Anyone using Kaspersky anti-virus software?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by los-graphicos, Dec 17, 2013.

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    Thought I'd ask this on here, as our head of It has started going on about installing Kaspersky anti-virus software on the company Macs, has anyone on here installed and experienced any troubles with Kaspersky conflicting or impeding their Mac's performance at all? We use the Macs for design work eg InDesign, Photoshop and some video editing too so obviously we don't want to install anything that's going to give us any issues with performance or other conflicts, especially given some of the tight deadlines we have! Have heard of Clam, would that be a better programme to use?
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    I don't have any experience with Kaspersky, but I believe ClamX to be the least intrusive of anti-virus apps for OS X.

    Therefore, personally, if I HAD to install something/anything, I'd go with ClamX.
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    ClamXav is a reliable app that doesn't run with elevated privileges. You can run scans when you choose, rather than having it run all the time in the background, consuming system resources. As no 3rd party antivirus app is required to keep a Mac malware-free, ClamXav is a good choice when an antivirus app is required by an IT department, as it also scans for Windows malware.

    When the MR Guides are back online, read the Mac Virus/Malware FAQ. Until the MR Guides are available, you can read most of the same info in the Mac Virus/Malware Info post, on which the FAQ is based.
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    Thanks for that, very informative and helpful post & much appreciated :)

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