Anyone went from 6S Plus to 7


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Dec 9, 2012
How does the battery life compare? I eventually settled on the 6S Plus as the battery on the 6S barely saw me to 14:00.

Relentless Power

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Jul 12, 2016
I went from the iPhone 6s Plus to the 7 (I also own the 7 Plus additionally), And the iPhone 7 provides an additional two hours with the removal of the 3.5 mm Jack.
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Knowlege Bomb

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Feb 14, 2008
Madison, WI
Neither of those posts addresses the OP's question.

I went from a 6s+ to a 7 and I do fine on battery. I do need to plug it in on occasion if I'm having a slow day at work but I have a charger in my car and at work so it's never really a problem.


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Feb 7, 2011
Interesting, I never fetl it was worth doing a yearly upgrade (obviously others disagree YMMV etc. etc.) and that's fine. It seems that battery life at least for the other posters is greatly improved. I went from a 6 (albeit a replacement with a still good battery) to a 7 + and noticed a huge improvement.


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Jun 28, 2014
While I'm still on the 6S, I have a friend who went from 6+ to 7 and he is not impressed with the battery life. Before he would have 10-20% by the end of the day, and he says now he usually has to plug in at some point in order to make it until bed time.
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