Anyone with a 460 model happy with the performance?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by vengapat, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. vengapat macrumors regular


    May 12, 2016
    Hi guys. I currently have a 2016 MBP with a 455. Bootcamp crashed the speakers so I went ahead and ordered a new machine. I decided to go with the 460 this time as I wanted to play a few games on it. However, with the recent surge of 460 related problems Im getting extremely nervous about my upcoming computer. Should I just return it right away and stick with a new 455? Is anyone with a 460 experiencing no problems what so ever?

    I ordered a 2.6 460 500gb model by the way.

  2. runner77 macrumors member

    Nov 9, 2016
    Most people with a 460 do not experience any issues at all. It is mostly those writing about it who have issues with it and you believe that this affects everyone. I owned many graphics cards in my life, never have I written about any of them, unless I had a problem.
  3. Bryan Bowler macrumors 68040

    Sep 27, 2008
    No problems here.

    I feel for the folks that are reporting issues and that certainly stinks, but you have to remember that the vast, vast majority of users have no issues whatssoeve. You can't base your decisions off a handful of reports here because it is not an accurate representation of what's going on.

    With that being said, if you're truly worried about it then there is no harm in waiting 2-4 months to get a more in-depth answer. Otherwise, buy now and put your worries aside because that are what warranties and solid customer service are for.
  4. Sanpete macrumors 68020

    Nov 17, 2016
    Judging by the results of the poll here, the 460 isn't having more trouble than the other two cards. About a third of those who voted have experienced trouble.
  5. Guy Mancuso macrumors 6502a

    Mar 28, 2009
    Running great on the 460. And I have a lot of stuff on this system. No issues whatsoever
  6. ccozmo macrumors newbie

    Apr 9, 2011
  7. xorjo macrumors member

    Oct 19, 2011
    I have no issues with the 460. I have issues with the intel 530. I hate how at random times, it changes to the 460 and my cursor disappears and my entire screen just freezes for a second or two. I notice this mostly happens in safari. Perhaps it's the video ads triggering this. All other times, the change is seamless as it should be. But in safari it changes for a second to the 460 and then back to the 530. It's probably a bug or perhaps the 530 can't handle the video ad in the background.
  8. ccozmo macrumors newbie

    Apr 9, 2011
    Mine never switches unless I open a program that requires it. Recommend you reinstall Sierra - just go app store, click it & it will install and keep all your config
  9. Outrigger macrumors 68000


    Dec 22, 2008
    even if every single member on this forum reports an issue, that is still barely a drop in the bucket compare to the overall mbp owner population.
  10. ejl371 macrumors newbie

    Nov 24, 2016
    I'm happy with it. I suspect it is driver issues as I've had anomalies in MacOS, but not Windows.
  11. Clint_Barton macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2016
    In bootcamp only the amd card is used. I think
  12. eurotek macrumors newbie

    Mar 15, 2011
    very problems what so it 2016 MBP 2.7 15 inch 16gb 1tb 460 space gray
  13. auero macrumors 65816

    Sep 15, 2006
    I just received my machine and it's scratched inside below the speaker grill :( I was debating on going back to silver, but I'll have to wait. That or just grab a 455 model in the store, though I don't know how much different performance will be over the 460.
  14. MH01 Suspended


    Feb 11, 2008
    If every single member on these forums reports an issue, you can conclude that everyone else has the same issue :p
  15. wherewuz macrumors member


    Mar 14, 2011
    I haven't had any issues at all, although admittedly I haven't really put it through its paces graphically yet.
  16. xorjo macrumors member

    Oct 19, 2011
    It's a new new computer and I didn't restore from a previous backup. I installed chrome with ad blockers and that seemed to fix the problem. Definitely it was certain ads that caused a hiccup. I have gfx installed and as soon as I noticed the lag, u checked my menu bar and sure enough, it temporarily switched to the discrete gpu before going back to the 530.
  17. Queen6 macrumors 603


    Dec 11, 2008
    Putting out the fire with gasoline...
    If you want to play games your on the wrong platform period, the new 2016 MBP is not going to change anything...

  18. Guy Mancuso macrumors 6502a

    Mar 28, 2009
    Btw I have mine check d in system preference which I think it means I'm on the 460 all the time???
  19. RY∆N macrumors member

    Nov 17, 2015
    only had it for about 4 days now.
    Finally got most of it setup and got all my FCPX libraries set up.

    Had some freezes and hiccups when relinking files (everything is on an external SSD), but maybe its because of the huge files.

    Other than that, I've only had a chance to really work on FCPX and its much smoother than my 2009 Mac Pro with an upgraded GPU (650). But haven't edited any 4K yet. We'll see what happens with that.

    Haven't gotten a chance to get into too much Adobe (PS, AI, indd, AE) but I can't imagine this would struggle on any of those.
  20. vengapat thread starter macrumors regular


    May 12, 2016
    The 455 model plays every game that I play on Ultra. So yes it is the platform I am going to be gaming on.
  21. fs454, Nov 26, 2016
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    fs454 macrumors 68000

    Dec 7, 2007
    Los Angeles / Boston
    Games are running great in Windows (BF1 and Overwatch), OpenCL performance is noticeably quicker and more confident in Premiere. The 460 was the thing that tipped the scales into keeping this over my Late 2013 - and I thought it'd be disappointing.

    :edit: I wanted to add that I do in fact have weird graphics issues throughout every once in awhile, especially at boot up and initial login. My 750M did similar stuff and it's still kicking after years of encoding nonstop, so I don't think it's a sign of anything too bad. Nothing persisting and nothing during actual use so far, just artifacting on login.
  22. Kn!ghthawk macrumors member

    Nov 24, 2016
    So far so good over here with my 460 unit. Ran it through some extensive LR & PS work as well as a few games without any noticeable issues. Smooth.
  23. bab5139 macrumors member

    Nov 25, 2016
    I haven't tried any of the video encoding examples that have produced issues yet but otherwise mine is working ok. Using the three finger swipe to change spaces stutters but that's happening on everyones.

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