Anyone with a similar superdrive issue?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jonnysods, Apr 17, 2008.

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    Hey everyone, I just installed the EFT update for the MBP (I have a C2D 2.33 17") I don't even know if this is related.

    I needed to burn a DVD for a work project, so I created it in DVD Studio Pro, put it on the HDD instead of burning the disc and used Toast. The bruning said it was finished, then hung for ages. I decided to kill the program and eject the disc. No dice. I shut down the machine, then forced the disc out at startup.

    I checked the disc, and it had missing parts on the disc in the area where it was meant to be burned.

    I tried again using DSP, it hung and I had to force quit after 10 minutes (it is only a 1:33 minute clip). No unusual marks on the burned disc surface, but the disc wouldn't play.

    I tried again using toast, and it's hung again. The look of that disc is nasty that came out of the drive, do you reckon Applecare would take my machine in and replace it?

    I guess this is a 'duh' question. I just wanted to know if anyone else have had this happen?
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    At a guess. It sounds like it never finished burning the lead-out... How do you know it's 'hangin'?? could be that the system is extremely busy at something.

    Depends on the length of time you've had the system.. also, it's more viable for Apple to drop in a new drive, if your existing one is faulty or on it's way out. If i were you, I'd be on the phone to AppleSupport. I'm sure they'll know better, at least they can tell you what kind of service they would offer you.

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