Anyone's got problems with Money by Jumsoft ?


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Feb 16, 2012
Imola (BO) - Italy
I have both the Mac and the iPhone apps : they just run smoothly through Dropbox before I upgraded to Yosemite ... now both apps seem to work alone, but they won't sync together anymore : the Mac app has the usual "" file in my main Dropbox folder, so I kept it and disconnected the phone app from Dropbox just to sync it again and see if it could sync the right file ... the problem is that by doing so, I got rid of the Money phone file and when I search for the one created by the Mac, not only I cannot find it, but the app keeps on asking me to create a new document. If I do it, it just creates a "Money by Jumsoft" folder which is full of subfolders that I've never seen before and the phone app shows a whole new (and obviously empty) Money file that just won't synchronize with the other ... does anyone have the same problem or a clue how to solve mine ?


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Oct 18, 2014
:D You lucky man !
Apart from the money part ;)

PS: could you check if your notification settings are being saved after restarting your Mac. That is something that is not working over here (seems like Yosemite is throwing different bugs for everyone around)