Anything besides processors in latest MBP Update?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by leddedup, May 10, 2010.

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    Oct 6, 2005

    I've had a PowerBook G4 for the last 5 years or so, and it's starting to show it's age a little bit. I had to move the memory module into a different slot a couple of months ago because of the infamous faulty buffer chip on the logic board (I'm on my second logic board because of that issue, first one failed under warranty, thank God). The battery, the second one (first one replaced for free during the whole Sony battery fiasco), works for MAYBE an hour, unlike when it was new and I could work for almost 2 hours. The screen is kind of dim, and there are some cosmetic things that come from being a 5 year old computer that I've carried everywhere. I had actually enrolled in a Ph.D program at the University of Maryland, but had a terrible adviser and decided I'm going to go back out into the workforce for a little while. Why do I bother to mention this detail? Well, my student discount powers will be expiring soon, and I'd like to be able to take advantage of them. I visited the school computer store, and asked them if they had any stock of the MBPs from before this last update. They do, but the discount is a measily $100 on top of my 10% student discount. Only occasionally, even with my 5 year-old, 1.5 GHz PowerPC, do I tax the processor on my PowerBook. I don't do things that are high performance. So my question is what, if anything, significant changed with this new update? Was it just the processors? If it was, then I'll buy the last generation. If the battery life improved significantly, or something along those lines, with this new update, then it's probably worth the extra $100 to go with the new generation.


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    Information is out there but the main changes are the CPU, slightly newer GPU (Intel HD + Nvidia 330M), smidge longer battery life, option to get high res glossy or matte and option to get 512GB SSD.

    It isn't a complete overhaul but still significant enough changes that I've been waiting for to upgrade from my Penryn MBP.
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    Cool story, bro.

    Was it really easier to type out your life story rather than go to

    Not trying to be overly rude, but honestly some of these threads are nothing but facepalm when I see them.
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    CPU, GPU and battery life are improved. Doesn't really seem like much but it's a completely new new architecture with the i5/i7 processors so from Apple and Intel's perspective it is almost a complete overhaul. Obviously, the fact that's it's been changed doesn't affect the end user experience.

    Most of what I've just said is not relevant to the 13" models.

    The combination of lower idle power consumption on the newer processors and the bigger battery gives better battery life at idle or lower CPU loads but the processors use more power under load than the previous Core 2 Duo ones did so it seems that battery life is worse under constant load. Also, a less than perfect implementation of the graphics switching feature seems to be sucking up more battery life than it should and you can read about it here.

    From what you've said I don't think you really need the newer models but you seem to keep your computers for some time so why not?
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    Supposedly working ExpressCard slot (which would be a first with Unibody Macs).
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    Also the trackpad with the inertial scrolling which I totally enjoy. Not sure if it can be enabled by software on the previous MBPs
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    It IS a software capability...
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    ok nice. So all the unibody macs do have it now ?
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