Anything like FrontRow on the PC?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Benjamindaines, Apr 20, 2007.

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    Not Media Center. I have regular Windows XP Home and I want to be able to hook it into my TV and access my shared iTunes libraries. Can this be done?
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    on the sofa
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    Yeah, but does that answer my question? No.
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    To answer your question: no, there is no software like that. There's just iTunes, which doesn't have a full-screen interface.

    Get an AppleTV. :rolleyes:
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    The only other options are to install Windows Media Center on your PC, or get an Apple TV.
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    you could use a program called backrow on your pc :)
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    Apple TV works with iTunes on your PC. Think of Apple TV as $299 length of cable that connects a PC or Mac to a TV set. It does exactly what you ask.
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    Re: Anything like FrontRow on the PC? Reply to Thread

    I know this thread is really old but I will tell you what I did.

    The easiest and most cost efficient way to do what you want to do would be to scrap the 'Front Row'. Purchase a PC PVR Program called 'Beyond TV'. It is one of the top PVR programs out there. Never had a problem.

    I also bought a TV Tuner Card, and a remote called 'Fire Fly'. Its awesome because it doesn't use IR, its radio signals or w/e so you can be in a different room walking around the house and can still flip through your songs.

    As soon as I hooked up the TV tuner card and it was alll ready to go, I just input where abouts I was located and it found my cable company and within a few minutes the whole TV Guide menu was downloaded.

    Go to:

    ..for Beyond TV

    ... for Fire Fly, they have a smaller and a larger remote, I have the larger one and it is awesome. you can use it for just about any media program on your PC.

    and on that same sight they have the TV tuner that I bought, but I'm sure anyone would work.

    Beyond TV with Fire Fly would be Windows equivalent to 'Front Row'


    What I used to do (which is illegal) , is torrent all the new released movies and throw them in a specified folder. I would always leave my toshiba running, tucked nicely into the Stereo setup shelving.

    (you wouldn't even know it was there)

    Hop on the couch and hit one button on the Fire Lfy and its like front row with access to everything on your computer! Movies, recorded shows via PVR. Music. I personally like downloading a **** load of music videos and playing them at parties.


    Now in your case. You want to have 'Front Row'.... and I don't blame you, I'm in the process of setting up a new computer multimedia center that will blow the old one away using a Mac.

    The only option you would have, to be able to have that 'Front Row' user interface how you want it would be to buy 'Apple TV'.

    Then it would sync to your iTunes on your cmputer.

    Now again this is illegal... well depends how you do it.
    You can download MP4 movie torrents, put those in your iTunes and it will be sync'd with your Apple TV. :)

    You can also use a MP4 converter to convert AVI or WMV files, so you can watch those on Apple TV. Aswell there is always ripping DVDs onto your computer.

    Let me know if any of that helped you out!!

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