Anything like Radeon Enabler these days?


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May 2, 2006
In looking around for better open gl support and other issues, I came across numerous sources indicating that, while the ATY(I)X1600 on my c2d MBP contains the same capabilities as the ATI card itself, it has some built in features that are software disabled, and not directly supported by ATI in terms of updating the drivers or getting more direct access to the hardware. It seems there used to be some 3rd party software out there. I'm curious if there's anything new for intel macs that address this issue?

Here's an older link to Radeon enabler, and another link below with some people 'tricking' their mbp's to telling an installer its a g5, installing a control panel, performing hardware tweaks, and resetting the identifier.

Any info regarding these issues would be much appreciated!

Link 1 (older):

link 2:


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Jun 6, 2010
Colorado, USA
If that's the same program I think it is, I used to use it on my 15" G4 PowerBook. It was absolutely terrible, and when I used it I got quite a few Kernel Panics and other errors.
This is probably why you don't see any new implementations of this - they really lack stability, at least in my experience.
What exactly do you need this for, and maybe we could come up with a better solution...
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