Anyway to still download High Sierra?


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Feb 17, 2007
NB, Canada
Just download the High Sierra Patcher. Not to use it to shoehorn it to an unsupported machine, but you can use it to download a current (10.13.6) High Sierra installer. I used it a couple weeks ago for this very reason. All you will need to apply after is the 007 security update, safari update, and a couple small iTunes patches. It's a pure installer from Apple also, not a patched or sketchy one in any manner.

Thanks! I was able to install High Sierra this morning after deleting the original installer, then it properly re-appeared in the App store...all good now..


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Dec 27, 2019
Thanks, but someone else on another board indicated that i need to remove all traces of the old installer and empty the trash. The new download worked fine.