Anyway to use the mBP 13" as a monitor, KB, Trackpad for the nMP?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by richard371, Feb 13, 2014.

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    No I am not crazy. Well maybe just a little. I ordered the nMP 6 core a month ago for running a bunch of VMs etc and it will suit my needs. I have been using the MBP late 2013 retina for several months now and love the retina display. I had the 27" iMac before.

    I was considering the 27" thunderbolt display when it (nMP) arrives in the next month or so. Today I went to the apple store just to play around with the nMP and man after using the retina screen the 27" thunderbolt just looks like crap. I know it has not changed from before but the text looks like pixelated garbage after using everything retina for so long now (rMB, iPad, iPhone.) Unfortunately I don't want to spend more then 1K on a display. I know Dell has a 4K but isn't it 30HZ or something?

    Idealy I would like to wait until Apple comes out with a better 27" display at least 4K 60hz. I have an extra trackpad and can pick up the BT keyboard if need be.

    FYI part of the problem is I was unemployed for the last several months and have not touched any non retina screens. I start a new IT job next week and I'm sure it will be the typical 19" Dell PC monitors so maybe I will get used to seeing non-retina again and the 27" thunderbolt won't look so bad :)

    UPDATE:looks like only the iMac27 can be used as a second display. Im sure there are some network options but at his point it looks like I'm stuck with having to purchase an outdated 27" thick thunderbolt :(

    Any ideas?

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    The easiest way to achieve this is to remote desktop into the Mac Pro. But, you'll have to live with input lag.
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    Thanks. I'll just wait to see what monitor for 1k is available when men ships.

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