Aol and Apple mail client issues.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Shadylane318, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Shadylane318 macrumors newbie

    Apr 22, 2012
    Here are the items I'm working with

    Router Model Verizon MI424WR router
    New MacBook Pro 15 late 2011
    iPad 2
    1 Aol Account

    At home:
    When I try to add my aol account to my Apple mail client, it fails. It tells me my password is wrong and fails to just add the account all together.*

    Now, If I force skip all these steps and just continue adding the information but connect to my Verizon hotspot, Apple store wifi, or any other Internet, other than my own, then it works! All my emails come pouring in. I'm able to send and receive with no problem.*

    Here is everything that I tried to do to fix this:

    1. Called Verizon: they said it has nothing to do with them. They gave me access to the router to change ports but refuse to help any further

    2. Tried all sorts of different ports in the apple email client. I tried 995, 997, and various other incoming and outgoing ports.*

    3. Tried downloading the aol client for mac os lion but also refused to work and would not grab any incoming emails

    4. Tried bypassing the router and just connecting through Ethernet but this is a little weird...there is a Ethernet cord coming from my wall (I live in a big apartment building) that connects to my router than another wire goes from one of the LAN ports to my computer. Usually it's just one wire that goes from wan to a computer (*I have fios btw). *Anyways, this also did not work.*

    Here is what I'm thinking of trying.*

    1.Hook it up to an apple router?
    2. Ask Verizon for a new router?
    3. And anything else you guys my have in mind

    I know that this is a router/port issue. I'm able to get my aol emails on my pc because of the old aol software. Could you guys please suggest any other steps that I can take in rectifying this issue? Should I just get rid of verizon fios all together? Any other forums or sites I can check out that deal with this issue?*
  2. jamii3e macrumors newbie

    Jun 3, 2013
    If your outgoing mail message was responding as a "failure" blah blah & if you have another email address as well, of course, I JUST found out that I fixed my own problem by switching the Primary Server ( off and switching ON Other SMTP servers in your Settings under AOL Account Information.

    I found AOL officially sucks LOL and won't help with anything, and it obviously isn't a "iPhone" technicality.

    Hope this was what you were looking for!!

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