AoM - Age of Mythology multiplayer; GameRanger?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by MSM Hobbes, Oct 9, 2008.

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    When wanting to go on-line and play muliplayer Age of Mythology via my Apple iMac [Intel chip, latest version of 10.4], and then be able to chat with others, even those using PC's, how is such done?

    Boys are wanting to play this game w/ classmates, and at the moment are stymied - seems to be most recommended [even by Apple], but have seen some not so positive reviews about it.

    Other somewhat troubling part IMHO is that on its own website, it doesn't look as if its been updated since March 2007, v. 4.6.7; yet another site [] has it as a later version: 4.8.1 [and w/ just 'fair' review]. Seems not so good if its not consistent about its updates - especially on the official sites. :confused:

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    Jan 21, 2007
    First of all gameranger is a dying community. About five years ago it was thriving, but now games are cross platfrom and have their own servers for multiplayer. I remember playing Aom A few years ago and it worked pretty well, however I do not think many people play it any more. Gameranger would be your best bet, hosting a game and what not there are people who still play the game, but there is no guarentee. So good luck and hope it works out for you. Try age of empires III may get more luck there.

    Gameranger has not been updated in a while, but all you need to do is download it and open the program. Once opened you can host or join games that you specifically have on your computer. Such as AoM, your friends can also use a LAN if they are in the same house/area. They all need a working cd.

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