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Jan 20, 2005
Sorry if this has been posted...haven't been keeping up with the forums too well the last few days and didn't find anything in a search.

Spotted an AP article in today's San Francisco Chronicle about the growing security risk associated with Macs. The article focuses on a Benjamin Daines who "clicked on a series of links promising to deliver pictures of an unreleased update to a computer operating system," but was hit by a virus.

I can only imagine that this is our very own Benjamindaines, who got the virus right here at MR (MR not mentioned in the article)...congrats! (Congrats on the article, not the virus. ;) )

Edit: For reference purposes, here is where the virus was posted, and here is the thread from the MR news story on it.

And for the record, I also downloaded and opened the file within seconds of it being didn't do anything to my PowerBook though.
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