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    In recent years Apple has removed more and more functionality from Apache Webserver on Mac OS X in order to promote Mac OS X server.

    But, I ran it fine for years on Mac OS X and thanks to clickontyler.com he offered a wonderful Web Sharing applet that allows turning on/off Web Sharing and PHP just like under old versions of Mac OS X.

    With the advent of Yosemite we had a further issue that's a problem:

    People trying to pull up my webserver would receive a 403 forbidden error.

    Clickontyler figured out a fix for this (mostly):

    I've implemented the fix but unfortunately the Require all granted flag allows for my webserver to run like it used to except for one thing.

    It used to be that I could access a directory via web browser such as:

    Where website would be my external address and files would be the subdirectory I want to access from offsite.

    This used to give you a list of files I could download from remote and was very helpful.

    When I try to do this now, I get a 403 forbidden error even with the Require all granted flag set in http.conf.

    Anyone figure out a way around this?
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    Use a better supported platform? Look, I like my MBP as much as the next guy, and prefer OS X in general, but I wouldn't waste my time trying to run an Apache server on it... Build a cheap Linux/Windows box, doesn't sound like you're doing anything to intensive.

    I have about $400 into my Windows desktop and for light/personal server use it's great. Just set up ownCloud on it, runs the web interface butter smooth. There's still some issues with Windows though, if it weren't also used for personal stuff (like Matlab and Solidworks) I would run a straight up linux server distro.

    To actually help your situation though... what are you using to limit access? Are you using a htaccess file? Are you using HTTPS? Simple file browsing over HTTP isn't complicated... like I said it might be time to consider a better supported platform.
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    Nope, it will work - I just need to figure out what's preventing directory listing.

    I've been running this server since 10.0 or so.

    I did confirm that the website works from offsite, all the clickable links. I just can't do the directory listings for myself so it's an inconvenience for me but my end users don't ever run into it.

    Stay tuned!

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