APC UPS for Mac Mini Server?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by gpspad, Jan 30, 2017.

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    I have a APC 600VA UPS I got to use for a mac mini running as a server and a NAS drive.

    The plan was to run a QNAP NAS for storage and media, then have an extra mac mini I have run as a server. Mostly just to play with, but maybe use as a backup server or an email server when I learn more about it. It's just to play with.

    The thing is the APC UPS has a USB port to shutdown the mac mini and the QNAP can also use this. Is it possible to split the USB port so both the Qnap and the mac mini get connected to the UPS?

    I have one UPS for my main desktop, and one for the NAS. A third for the mini server isn't in the cards, I'd like to run the NAS and the mini server off a single UPS. I don't think there is power chute software for macs.
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    That's a good question, I would lean towards no because of the signal it sends to shutdown but why don't you test it out.
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    Jan 24, 2010
    You cannot split a USB device like that. It can only be used with one host device.
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    USB doesn't work that way, but you can accomplish the same result through software.

    Install APCUPSD on the computer and the QNAP NAS. Configure it to use Network Information Server (NIS) mode. The computer is the server and the NAS is the client.

    The APC UPS via USB will inform APCUPSD on the computer to shut down. Before shutting down, APCUPSD on the computer will send a shutdown signal via Ethernet to all APCUPSD clients (in this case, the NAS) so they can all shut down too.

    More information about APCUPSD NIS mode:

    Installing APCUPSD on QNAP NAS:

    I have never done this, so don't ask me for support. I'm just showing you a possible method that I'm aware of from back when I looked into the problem myself.

    OS X has built-in support for APC UPS in the preference pane already, and does not require third party software. If the built-in software is too simple for what you're looking for, APCUPSD does quite a bit more.

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