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    Ape Man is an entertainment tool that every well-to-do prankster must have in his arsenal - and now you can have it too, FREE! Better than the everyday Fart App, Ape Man offers endless fun with 14 unique Ape Man sounds! Just "Summon" the Ape Man, and be prepared for the most enthralling soundboard experience available on the App Store.

    Ape Man features include:

    ✔ Summon the Ape Man: Randomly play one of 14 different incredible Ape Man sounds!
    ✔ An option to summon a Group of Apes at will - this is where things get crazy.
    ✔ Include a time delay of up to 30 seconds before Ape Man activates (perfect for pranks!)
    ✔ Want more apes? Press the button fast and see what happens.
    ✔ Think you've got what it takes? Record and Play back your own Ape Man sound!
    ✔ You can even "turn on the jungle," producing real rainforest sounds in the background, which you'll find useful in a variety of situations!
    ✔ iAd-enabled - get the full version to have the perfect prankster experience!
    ✔ It's even more fun with friends!

    Pranking friends, making situations awkward, or simply enjoying the sounds of the jungle: regardless of your motives, Ape Man is the App for you.

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