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    Sep 22, 2012
    I am trying to keep my pictures in the order I put them in. I choose manual, but they keep changing.

    I need to put 13 days of pictures in order to show the family.

    I separate by days. And now I have albums for each day in order.

    I want to merge them all now - and when I put them in a project or in an album together they change.

    I also tried moving to a slide show, but they also move (examples all video's go to the end).

    I have the order as manual all the time....but still some move. HELP.

    I guess I could export slides shows for each day.

    I also tried creating a folder and then have the albums underneath...and trying to use the folder..but they are not in order of the albums.

    Also, I want to show on my tv as a slide show or just as pics, but it won't play mp4 so I need to convert..or when I export slide show put it in a different format. Is this easy?
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    I use manual ordering of my pictures all the time and they always stay exactly how I order them... so I am a bit perplexed.

    Each of your pictures are currently in one and only one project.... that is the way that Aperture works. Are you saying that every every time you open that project... that the order of the pictures is different? That should not happen.

    Likewise... once you arrange pictures inside of an album or a slideshow... then they should stay in place every time that you open that album or slideshow.

    The organization in each slide show, album, light table, etc are each independent from each other. I am not 100% sure what happens when you populate these albums (or whatever).

    It sounds to me that you want this ordering to remain the same as you create new versions in different albums or slideshows. Once again, I am not 100% sure how this works because I have always done the final organization within the album, slideshow, book, etc that I was working on.

    One brut force approach is to do the following:

    1. In each daily album, export using "custom name + counter". You can use the custom name such as "Day01-" and then all of the pictures for that day should be Day01-01, Day01-02, etc.
    2. Repeat for each day... incrementing through the 14 days.
    3. Import all of them into a new project, keeping the current name
    4. Move all the pictures into slide shows, albums, or whatever you want... choosing "arrange by name".

    There are probably easier ways to do this... but you should be able to do this very quickly. Each day should only take a minute or two.


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