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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by AxisOfBeagles, Feb 20, 2011.

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    I've experienced some recent problems with Flickr-hosted images that I have linked to posts in this forum. Sometimes people can see them, sometimes they can not. I THINK I have identified the likely problem - and am interested to find out of anyone else is experiencing this;

    I use Aperture 3 (OSX 10.6.6), and have been linking photos directly to Flickr from within Aperture 3. I was aware that if I edited that photo within Aperture that it would automatically update that photo on Flickr and that the link would change. So I was of course not making any edits to those photos that I was posting here.

    HOWEVER ... I have toyed with this thing and it appears to me that if I edit other photos in the same project that are also linked to Flickr, that ALL the photos get updated and the link url changes for all. The result being a broken link in my post here.

    I have tried to solve this by going back to exporting out of Aperture and then uploading using the Flickr uploader tool.

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar with auto-uploads from within Aperture?
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    Old thread but I could use some help here.

    I have Aperture 3.1.3, running OSx10.6.8, my wife just came back from 3 days camping with her girl scouts and uploaded from Aperture 3 to flickr 77 photos basically as is. Used the flickr upload within Aperture.
    They were shot RAW....she does not know PP at all.

    I decided to do some quick edits on 25-30 of them, crop/exposure/etc, improved some of the decent shots.
    Hit the broadcast icon next to the album name, it said "syncing", and I expected the edits to show up.

    None did....:confused:

    I even tested by adding the word "crop" after the image name in the meta data, that passed into the flickr picture but the photo edits did not.

    What am I doing wrong??
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    ok - found the answer - you need a Flickr Pro membership for Aperture to sync new edits to photos that have already been uploaded to Flickr....
    $25/year....yea its all about that yearly cash revenue stream in the end, everyone wants it.


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