Aperture 3.x sync with Faces/Places?


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Jun 26, 2008
The Apple website says that Faces/Places come over to the iPad when you sync with iPhoto.

Is it the same with Aperture 3.x?

(now that the iPad is out, I'm hoping someone will confirm)


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Aug 9, 2009
Portland, OR
I am syncing to Aperture 3... but I am not using the places/faces as part of the sync. In fact, I have not used faces at all within Aperture.

What I do, and confirm works: I create albums that contain a subset of my pictures from various projects. I then sync my iPad to those albums... and they come through flawlessly. I also have one project synced as well (with just my background/wallpaper pics). The nice thing about that feature is that it does not mix in with the albums... and only appears if I look at projects.

I do have a "places" tab on the iPad photo app. I noticed that the map has pins for a couple of places... and they correspond to a few albums that I have in which all the pics are tagged with the same place. For example... I have an album for Vancouver BC, and all of the pics in that album are tagged appropriately. Vancouver BC has a pin on the map. However, I have another album called "favorite photos"... and those pics are tagged with a wide variety of places. None of those make it to the map. Maybe it is a bug that will get fixed over time. I am not sure that I care.

So far (I may change my mind)... I have not taken the "places" or "faces" feature of A3 very seriously. It seems to me as if these "dumbed down" features are just included to help upgrade a few people from iPhoto to A3. I am not complaining. The more A3 sells, the more is going to support it, which is a win for those of us who use A3. Aperture itself is an extremely powerful and stellar application. I love the way it adapts to one's workflow... and my albums are syncing to my iPad very effectively.



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Feb 4, 2003
the thing that bothers me with faces is it seems to only display the faces you tell it to sync.

Meaning, I usually sync the last 6 months of events and even though there are faces tagged in those events it doesn't display anything in faces unless I chose who I want to show up in faces...but then I get ALL photos they show up in.


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Jun 26, 2008
Thanks for the replies.

Since posting, I've received my iPad.

I can confirm that Faces/Places sync fine from Aperture 3.x to the iPad (I currently have about 3300 photos with Place/Face info sync'd to my iPad).

As a matter of fact, this feature on the iPad has driven me to do a better job of adding "Places" to photos that are already in my Aperture database.

The iPad is great for keeping all of my 'Smart albums' on and showing off my travel photos to others. Using "Places", I can go to the world map and zoom-in on a particular trip I've been on in the past (and, if I've been there multiple times, all of the photos for that location are shown (not just a particular trip)).

Of course, I can just go to the "Albums" page and find a trip, but it's sorted chronologically, so I need to remember when I went there to find the trip.

I think the "Albums" page would work much better with some sort of 'folders'. It just has ALL of your albums sorted chronologically. You need to scroll through all of them to find a particular album.

And, your albums should be named something very descriptive.

For example, on an Ireland trip in 2008, I had an album called "Wildlife". It only contains animals from my Ireland trip. Having a top-level "Album" mixed-in with the tons of other albums, and only being called "Wildlife" isn't helpful. I've gone back and renamed it to something like "Ireland 2008 - Wildlife", but that's not ideal, IMO. If I could have an "Ireland 2008" 'folder', then I'd drop "Wildlife" inside (along with several other albums with generic names).

(maybe there's some magic trick on the iPad to get me 'folders' in the "Albums" list, but I haven't found it yet).

Given the limitations of "Albums", I think "Places" is great! I don't really care so much about "Faces", but it's there in case I want it.

Thanks again for the replies!


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Mar 11, 2010
How the heck do you do events in Aperture? I can't find anywhere to categorize this. Seems like certain projects just decide to show up under Events and certain ones under Albums - what the heck? Some of my Smart Albums are Events, but treated as Albums by the iPad sync. Thanks Apple!

Also, Faces syncing EVERY face photo doesn't make sense. I just want the Faces in the Projects/Albums I sync over. Why can't I do that?

Places is the only feature that works like it should. hmm.