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    I have been slogging my way through the learning process on Aperture v 3.5.

    Definitely preferable to LightRoom. But tough to learn.

    The 600-page User Guide doesn't include a table of external editors or plug-ins which will work with the program. Can I use DxO?
  2. r.harris1, Oct 27, 2013
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    I'm not aware of an easy way to send files back and forth between DxO Optics Pro and Aperture. They're both RAW processors, as well as Aperture also being a DAM (DxO can also perform this function but not their strength). DxO does expose their film pack as a plugin.

    I use both tools (among others), but tend to work in one or the other depending on my needs for a particular image.

    PS: I haven't ever read the manual but a plugin list is here.
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    Jul 12, 2010
    I was slogging away with Aperture too – until I inadvertently upgraded it to 3.5 which won't run on Snow Leopard!

    I think the answer is sadly "no", DxO won't run as a plug-in.

    However… my main reason for using DxO is it's lens/geometry correction so I'm considering getting DxO Viewpoint which, as far as I can tell, covers all DxO Pro's lens corrections with the exception of vignetting. DxO Viewpoint runs as a plug-in for Aperture/Lightroom/Photoshop and as a standalone program.

    I'm not really experienced enough to tell whether DxO or Aperture is a 'better'/preferable RAW converter but since that seems to be their primary function, sadly it's an either/or choice.

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