Aperture and Time Machine Problem?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jbg232, Nov 16, 2008.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick question about aperture and time machine. I know that there were a lot of problems between the two and they were supposedly fixed in 10.5.2 and then re0fixed in 10.5.4. I searched for threads posted after that and couldn't find any. Is the problem fixed now with no worries whatsoever or is it still buggy to use these two programs together?
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    Any particular bugs you have in mind? I have both Aperture and Time Machine and haven't seen any problems. On the other hand, I haven't had to do a restore yet.
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    The problem was that Time Machine could, in rare cases, corrupt Aperture's library if Aperture was running at the time of the backup. Apple's quick fix in the 10.5.2 update was to make Time Machine skip the library if Aperture is running, so this is not a problem anymore. I'm not sure if Apple has `really' fixed this bug since, but I haven't heard of any problems due to that bug since and certainly I haven't experienced any problems on my system.

    Using Aperture and Time Machine is safe. Still, you should use Vaults in addition to Time Machine.

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