Aperture Books-Has anyone ever got one to work?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by austinexs, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. austinexs macrumors newbie

    May 20, 2008
    I put together a really nice book (74 pages) from my recent trip to Walt Disney World with my wife. I decided I would go ahead and send it off last night so I hit the "buy book" button and it came up with the box to enter my information. After entering the information and clicking on Buy Now it took about 1 1/2 hours for it to put my book together. After what seemed like forever it was done and came up with a send book box so I clicked on it to upload it and I received a message that my information wasn't right to re-enter it or use another credit card or some message like that. I had already verified my id, password, credit card, shipping address. The credit card had plenty of credit left on it to buy the book. So I tried it again after reverifying my information....again. I got the same message again. So I tried it again using a different credit card and got the same message. So I went to the internet and I'm finding a TON of people having the same problem. I'm wondering if anyone has ever had any luck with getting a photo book done with Aperture. I have used Blurb books in the past but I decided to try out Apple's printing press this time. I really like how Aperture works. Very impressed with the ease and layouts that are possible. One other BIG compliant is that every time you try and buy a book it has to build it ever single time taking up 1 1/2 hours. Why can't it just save it and let me just buy a book and upload something it has already built. That is a real pain with Aperture if it wouldn't let you just take a pdf that it already built and just send it off.
    For the record I'm a professional photographer and I build wedding albums all the time and NEVER run into problems like this.

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    I had one done a few weeks ago and had no problem getting it to go through.
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    I've ordered a couple of Aperture books, but none recently. I had no problems getting either of them to transmit and the books that I got were beautiful and totally worth the money (which isn't much for what you get).
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    Ordered one last week, and it arrives tomorrow. I've bought them in the past and had zero issues.
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