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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by CrackedButter, Jul 3, 2011.

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    I'm trying to create some custom print sizes in Aperture but I'm having no luck.

    I need to print in two non-standard sizes.

    1. A 4x6 piece of paper in portrait orientation (in printer) which will print two images per sheet with a .5mm border all the way around (best fit). Aperture has a habit of centring everything with no border. I need a border.

    2. I want to print keyring size prints which are 35mm x 45mm on the same 4x6 page (and with fitting as many as I can on the one page). But Aperture isn't making this easy to set up. I can get two on one page and that's it, Aperture over rides my decision to place more than two on the sheet of paper.

    Can anybody help?

    EDIT: Amazingly enough, iPhoto can do it as long as you know the exact print sizes, but you can't create custom presets, so iPhoto only remembers the last size you printed.
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    For borders, and more, try BorderFX. It is available as an A3 plugin. Just make sure it is the latest version. Can't help with the other issue. I just waste paper and do one at a time...
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    If I understand you correctly, there is no need at all for a plug-in.
    (1) Select an image.
    (2) Select File > Print Image ... from the menu.
    (3) Select any preset and choose Duplciate Preset from the cogwheel menu on the bottom and give the preset a sensible name.
    (4) In the Printer section on the left, click in the Paper Size pop-up and choose Custom (the last one on the bottom). Enter the paper size. Note that the paper size uses units in accordance to the system prefs (in my case, they are in cm), so you may need to convert inches to cm. Enter the size of the image in the correct units. Note that this may crop your image. If you don't touch the settings, the aspect ratio of the original is used.
    (5) Make sure you are viewing More Options. On the bottom left in the Layout section, you can set the number of images by choosing the numbers of rows and columns. You can also set the size of the image to be printed.
    (6) Add suitable margins in the Margins section on the left which are below the Layout section.
    (7) Add further options as you see fit (e. g. you could print certain metadata).

    That's it, right in the print menu. BTW, I noticed that the menu has changed compared to the way I remember it. I'm on version 3.1.2, the latest one. For the moment, I'm too lazy to add screenshots, but if you need further help, I can provide them.

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