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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by phenixdragon, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Jun 24, 2009
    Is there a way in Aperture for Project to go by the DateTime date instead of the date that OS X and Windows see the file was created? The issue I am having is I have several photos I have had to copy between my OS X and Windows partitions, and each time I copy the files means it is a brand you file but all the metadata is still there, such as the DateTime, DateTimeOrignal, and DateTimeDigitized are all the correct dates on when the photos were taken. When looking at the Projects in Aperture, I want them to show one of these dates, which are all the same, instead of showing the file creation date. This also creates a problem if I were to ever just copy all my files to a DVD and ever needed to copy back from it. Or is there a way to run all my files through where it will take the DateTime from the meta data and write it to each file for when the file was created? I know there is a program in Windows that I can manually do each file at a time which is not practical. Any ideas?
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    Would simply creating a project folder with the date work or are you asking to have the meta data as the title of the file? Personally, when I imported my old photos into Aperture I came to terms that I may have to import and do some organizing before I got into the habit of importing everything to Aperture. Not everything was setup exactly how I wanted so I just created a project folder call "old files" then made a sub-folder for each date (lucky for me I had already semi-organized the dates before hand). It was a bit of a pain, but a necessary evil when starting with a new app. Hope this helps!
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    Well I do have the projects with the correct dates in the name, but when looking at all the projects it shows it's own date.

    But after doing some more playing around tonight with some of the photos, I noticed that the issue wasn't from copying files back and forth between my OS X and Windows partitions, but at some point in the past the dates got messed up. Not really sure how, maybe something with moving files around on various systems such as Windows Home Server or maybe even my Linux RAID file server.

    So with that, I guess I am down to 2 questions. My first being the original, on trying to force Aperture to use the DateTime instead of a file creation date.

    2nd question is if there is an automated way to edit, such as through a batch process, so that it will change the creation date to the DateTime.

    If there isn't a way to batch process the files I probably will just do it manually. It will take time, but I guess i wouldn't mind taking the time to do a few every day or something. Such but oh well.

    This whole Aperture reading file creation dates reminds me how much I hate how the iPhone, iPod, etc...use artist names instead of album artist when sorting by artist and you can't change it. If an song in a album has a features artist, well it groups it as it's own artist. Annoying when I want to listen to the artist of the CD (or CDs) but one of two songs are now under their own artist since it has multiple artists on that one specific song.
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    Sweet. I think this is what I need. Looks like it should work perfectly and very easy, just drag and drop.
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    Hm...playing with it, it's not reading the dates correctly from the EXIF data. Actually, it won't even write any dates to it either. I can change the file creation date, but when the image was taken shows up blank and nothing will write to it. I sent them an email so hopefully I will hear from them soon. I followed their FAQ but nothing seems to be my scenario.

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