Aperture "delete previous pictures imported" on iPhone new?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by mtbdudex, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Since I got my iPhone4 (1) year ago, I've ditched the P&S and either use the Canon T1i for planned/purposeful "Photography" or the iPhone for spur of the moment "images".

    Just this morning, I noticed this upon downloading from the iPhone to Aperture.

    Before it would ask " do you want to keep or delete xx items".

    Now, it includes the prior imported items in the dialog box.....

    actually I like that, time for me to house clean my iPhone camera que and stop using that as a collection space.
    Rather, sync those photos I want to show others under iTunes.
    The only thing is.....picts I take on the iPhone will get mixed with all others under the iTunes photo colletion scheme, while picts I take with my iPhone exclusively are easily seen in the camera collection storage space.

    so, other iPhone users here, after importing to Aperture are you deleting them from your camera que and use iTunes to arrange the photos to view, or just keep them in your camera storage?

    LOL, and just this past weekend I got on my mother inlaw for keeping "old" images on her P&S camera storage card, and I'm doing same on my iPhone...
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    Since I've had time as of late, I put my iPhone 4 photos in Aperture 3 and got the same thing which is nice. I keep them and then delete them myself after making sure they off-loaded correctly. I had one hiccup a few years ago and as I selected delete after import I ended up with only 6 out of 120 photos of some awesome butterfly photos. Since then I do it myself :(

    Not saying it would happen again but we all know there is an "X" factor with everything and for me electronics seem to find Mr. X and he tries to sell me his junk once in awhile ;)

    I will also add that at times I think I've had more photos on my phone and having this notice I quickly remember I haven't placed some of my photos in the camera roll and thus I'll clear the old and add what was missing. Great reminder at times for me anyway. I can't say for sure how new since I just updated to iOS 5 because I'm in the process of bringing everything into my iMac running Lion from my MBP running SL.

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