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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by carlgo, Apr 9, 2011.

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    I have numerous projects and sub-folders. To keep it simple to explain it is like this:

    (Project Box) Objects
    (Album) Rocks
    (Album) Sticks
    (Album) Squid

    (Project Box) Girls
    (Album) FiFi
    (Album) Mary
    (Album) Jane

    At one time I had the appropriate photos in each album. Now, there are some rock photos in Mary's album and some images of Jane are in the squid album. I did not do this. Hundreds of images are mixed up in dozens of folders. Not good, a huge problem.

    You can't simply select and drag the images from one album to another as that would be too easy. You can drag Jane out of the squid album into the Girls project, but Jane is copied and now resides in both the squid and the Jane albums. I can't remove Jane from the squid with a command-delete because she ends up in the trash and is in no album.

    I can, though, drag her out of the trash and into the appropriate album, then go back to the wrong album, find her image and select and delete it. Great, but not something I need to be doing for a year.

    So, what is the simplest way to deal with this? Something along the line of a duplicate library or all-new albums? Or....? Can't thank you enough for responding to this.
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    I ran into the same problem a while back. Though it has to be said it only happened to a few images in my case. After trying to fix it for a while, I decided to do smart albums only. All are based on metadata and so far that has worked exceptionally well. It seems that this is the way that works best for me. Metadata is king :)
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    Thanks. I am attempting to convert to smart albums, yet another difficult and unintuitive process. I so far have been able to convert projects to smart albums, but existing albums aren't responding. I am using my own keywords.

    Edit: Ooops, it seems you have to turn an existing conventional album into a project, then you can turn that project into a smart album. Tried this after lots of more logical approaches....

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