Aperture Faces showing multiple copies

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    Jan 25, 2008

    I am using Aperture 3.3 for all my photos, and have a single library with some 40'000 photos imported with reference. All the photos are stored on my NAS, and divided into a number of Projects, and sub-projects. In total I have 278 Projects.

    I also use Faces, and have a high number of named faces, and three or four big groups identified as "???" with people I do not remember the name of.

    In a number of these groups I see the same photo, with the same face, i.e. the exact same face on the same photo, lined up as multiple faces. And when I select any one of them, and reject them, they only come back as one unidentified face, but when I then name that face as "Work", it shows up in Work again, as 3-10 faces. This does not happen in the groups where I only have one identified person, perhaps with hundreds of photos.

    What's going on?


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