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    Like everyone else, I was worried/upset that Apple dropping development for Aperture meant I was to search for another application from somebody else. While digging, I found an article on techcrunch with an image from Photos app on Yosemite. I've also attached it for viewing.

    If you look at the sidebar on the right of the image, you will notice that at the top it has an option to add adjustments. Also in the visible adjustments, you can see histogram, definition, vignette, white balance, and levels. Apple will most likely hide adjustments to provide a simpler, iOS8-like interface, while allowing adjustments to be added for an Aperture-like interface. If this is an accurate image, then we can indeed see much more advanced adjustments included that will allow many Aperture users to switch.

    Now we just have to wait...


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    I have read a lot of people were upset about aperture being "discontinued" however from the get-go it seemed like they were just taking aperture, making the GUI simpler with most of the options available in an "advanced" menu.

    I think there was a bit of an over reaction here, Aperture put together with iPhoto seems like a more complete piece of software. For me iPhoto alone was severely lacking adjustments and Aperture alone wasn't very good for organizing. Overall I think this is a great move and I think most people will be happy. There would have been more of a problem if they called kept it named aperture and tweaked it, It would have been the FinalCutX crisis all over again.

    Just my opinion/guess though
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    I'm definitely now in the wait and see camp. When the news first broke, I thought the nail in the coffin was the quote saying that Apple was working with Adobe to help migrating users over to Lightroom. It was actually yesterday that I found out that was a misquote, so with the fact that Aperture Libraries will work in the new Photos app, I have hope that this is basically the rewrite/new version of Aperture that we've been waiting for. I think like most of these rewritten apps lately it will lack a few features on launch, but very quickly will get them back. At least with the commitment to make sure Aperture works with Yosemite there's still a year or two left before I have to really commit to a new program/workflow.
  4. PsykX, Jul 1, 2014
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    The new Photos App makes me happy. Actually, I am as happy as when FCPX came out. I never figured out how to use FCP7, although I tried, and became a user of iMovie, but found it very incomplete and amateur-ish. When FCPX came out, I was sent to the 7th heaven.

    Same for Aperture vs iPhoto. I tried using Aperture and, while it was simpler to understand than FCP7 was, it wasn't the tool I needed. When using iPhoto, I realized it was very easy to use, but it was incomplete and it wasn't the tool I needed either.

    - iPhoto is laggy as HELL like it has always been on my 3 different 27-in iMacs. The Photos App will feature a "buttery smooth scrolling". I think even Aperture doesn't have that.
    - I feel like there is way too much gray space between the Events and between the Photos, a thing that the new Photos app is meant to fix. It's true for both iPhoto and Aperture.
    - The title of my Events get cut in the main interface. We all know Event names are rarely below 20 characters...
    - I have never found out how to sort this this debate in my head : should I create Events or Albums ? So I have both and it works like *****. Albums seem like they're easier to manage than Events because I feel like I have complete control over them, but Events seem like the feature I preferred in the past because they were created automatically, and I can use the main interface to display them, instead of the sidebar.
    - Speaking of automatic events, since I take all my pictures on my iPhone instead of a camera that I need to plug, instead of making clever events like it used to, my events appear as a distinct Photo Stream for each month. That destroys the purpose of Automatic Events... Then I have to split them, and iPhoto doesn't provide a proper interface for that. What I would like is, when you see I took a bunch of pictures in the same day or the same area, or with a similar tint/luminosity, make an event. All the rest can go in a junk event, these are pictures that I've taken because I wanted to remember something in the future.
    - The effect filters I can apply to a photo are different from those present since iOS7. If I want an effect, I have to use the official iOS app, but if I want another, I have to use the official OS X app... mmmmk.... Never understood why iPhoto hasn't been updated to unify these.
    - The red eye removal ***** in iPhoto and Aperture. I repeat, it ***** !!!

    There is so much room for improvement that I cannot wait to see how this app meets my requirements.

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