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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by lraymond, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Sep 10, 2012
    New to Aperture and starting to move all our family images. I have the images local, but there starting to fill up. I have a linux server with an external raid array of 2T which is shared via samba and the mac can see it fine.

    I did a test and did a re-locate of the images to that share and things worked perfect. I went to work, saw the images with the badge / red arrow (meaning there referenced but offline). My question is what happens if that server crashes? The raid array is fine, I can even plug it in directly to the mac and see it using a linux VM, but how will aperture handle it? I read http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1150267 article which mentions using an alias, but what I want is to basically put the images on the laptop, get them setup, cleaned, share using my flickr account, then relocate off to the external for safe keeping knowing if something happened, I could plug the drives in somewhere else, is there a way to just say there not at server:sharename/folder, there now at server2:sharename/folder?

    Thanks to all
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    If that server crashes Aperture on your Mac will have no library and therefore no images to look at and work with anymore. You can simulate this by quitting Aperture, then unmounting your Linux server, and then starting Aperture again.

    If the location of your Aperture library changes you can simply change to this new location in the Aperture preferences.
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    Sep 10, 2012
    Sorry a bit confused. I was at work on the laptop, so my home samba mount was not connected. I can open aperture fine, see my newest project fine, even open the thumnail to full screen and it looks good, and as I understand it, it keeps a local thumbnail version local on the laptop. When I said 'relocate' and picked that project, it moved all the full size images off to the share, freeing up some space.

    So at work, looking at the image, in the lower right there is a badge with a red line though it. Reading here (http://www.gabrielponzanelli.com/blog/2009/4/20/what-do-the-badges-in-apple-aperture-mean.html) it simply means "This means the photograph is referenced, but the master image is offline. This will happen if you have the masters in an external drive and it's not attached to the computer." Which makes sense. I came home tonight, mounted that share, the red line was gone and now it's just a grey box which according to that site states "This means the photograph is referenced. That is, the master file (or original) is not stored within the Aperture library, but it's somewhere else and Aperture is only referencing it."

    So that's just what I want. My question is what happens if that share name changes. I noticed when I right click a file that's on the remote server, select 'locate referenced files', on the right side I see the volume (share name) and path (which is the remote). I can select update selection in browser and point at a new spot, but if I move all my 5,000+ images over, is there an automated way to update all of them? I can select multiple, then right click and have that same option, but I will still have 100+ projects, but it seems that may work in the same manner.

    Think I'm on to something!

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