Aperture handling large amounts files.

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  1. mpt-matthew macrumors regular

    Aug 11, 2010
    If in aperture i have a folder/album with say 60GB of pics in (from one event, RAW pics). Then i have say 10 labelled with 5*.
    If i load the folder only showing 5* pics, will it load immanently, or will it have to scan through all 60GB to find the *ed pictures.
    At the moment, using Adobe Bridge on my old PC, it takes ages (hence why i separate them into 2 folders once sorted). I was hoping that aperture would just load the *ed ones if you tell it to and not have to look through all the files each time. (Bridge loads them, then sorts them).

    Also, about stacks. i take lots of time lapses (frame by frame) so i end up with lots of similar pictures. If i had a stack with a few thousand pictures in, would aperture handle this well? If i had an album with 3 stacks in, each with 5000 pics in, will the album load quick, and only when i open a stack it take longer to load.


  2. BlissStreet macrumors newbie

    Sep 1, 2010
    The load time will be the same. If you close the library with the filter option set to 5 stars, it will load with the same filter in place. But, the load time is pretty fast since it only displays the thumbnails.

    AP3 and Bridge use a different system to load images. Bridge is a file browser, AP3 is a DAM/RAW converter.

    AP3 will handle it fine. Every year of work is a different library for me and they average way above 1,500 RAW images. Once AP3 has processed the images, the load time is the same (for me, running of a Drobo FW800) no matter what the image count.

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