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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Futhark, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Hi all, here is my problem, I have an iMac which i have been using Aperture 3 on now for quite some time, I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro which i've been using instead, I copied all the pictures (In their original folders) on my iMac Aperture Library to my MacBook Pro Library but now how do i get these Albums and pictures to display in Aperture?

    Maybe the problem is because i didn't import them but rather copy them directly into the Aperture Library but surely there is a way for Aperture to scan this Folder and add anything newly added :confused:

    If i have gone about this incorrectly i would love some help on what to do to correct this?

    Many Thanks
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    Is your Library on your iMac referenced or managed? If it is managed, just copy the Aperture Library file (it's really a "package", but it can be copied like a file) to your MBP. Start Aperture by Option-Clicking, and tell it where your Library file is. It will then open it.

    If your Library is referenced (the original images are stored somewhere else on your hard drive other than in the Aperture Library package) AND you want to keep all the adjustments you made to your images, you must first consolidate your masters into your Library (select all your images and then go to File > Consolidate Masters). This will relocate all your masters into your library package and you can then copy this to your MBP like stated above.

    If you just want to add all of your photos to your new library in your MBP WITHOUT all of the adjustments, just use the Import command, and tell Aperture where they are located on your MBP. It will then import them.

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