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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Sweener88, Oct 20, 2013.

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    I am having a big issue lately where my free space is disappearing before my eyes. I free up 9 gb and within an hour or two its down to 2gb. I have been reading online and trying to free up space on my mac and have read that moving to Aperture is the best way to shrink my iPhoto library.

    I have copied iPhoto library to an external and deleted it from my mac, freeing up 45 gb of space.

    What is the best method to now get my photos from my external iPhoto backup into Aperture? I have been reading that different ways will either copy or not copy links between masters and previews and basically...1 way will make a large library, 1 way will make a smaller one.

    Any ideas?
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    Don't know where you read this, but it's absolute nonsense. File size is file size - if an image is 5MB then it doesn't matter whether it's in an iphoto or an aperture library, it's still gong to be 5MB.

    Just right-click / ctrl-click the iPhoto library and select "Open with > Aperture". Aperture and iPhoto both create the same kind of library file, so you can open it in either app.

    You're talking about the difference between a "managed" library or a "referenced" library.

    "Managed" means the photos actually live inside the aperture library, potentially making the library itself very large.

    "Referenced" means that only your preview images live inside the aperture library, your master files live outside it. This means you can keep your library on your internal drive & simply refer to images on an external drive.

    If you do decide to go with a referenced library then you must be very careful never to move your master photos outside of Aperture. If you do, the link between Aperture's library and the file will be broken and you won't be able to make edits or export the file until you rebuild the referenced link. One simple mistake in the Finder can be VERY time consuming to fix.

    I used to use a referenced library but no longer see the point. If you don't have the space on your internal drive then just keep your managed library on an external one - if it's USB3 or Thunderbolt then you're unlikely to notice any difference.

    One last thing - you don't need to use Aperture just so you can have a referenced library; you can do it in iPhoto too. Just go to Preferences > Advanced, then uncheck the box that says "Copy items to the iPhoto library".

    Hope that helps.

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