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    Hey, I moved my iPhoto Library into Aperture and consolidated or whatever it's called, so I've made the full move I think to Aperture, since iPhoto is really bloated and I like Aperture more, so I deleted my iPhoto Library.

    Now in iPhoto, it sort of made it easy for my to just plug in my iPhone and import any new photos, ignoring whatever I already imported, and it would save whatever photos I took to a corresponding date/event, and then it would also put those photos in a smart album for my iPhone.

    Now I'm still new to Aperture and I want to know how can I plug in my iPhone and import new pictures into Aperture which would put it as a new event, ignoring whatever I already took because right now when I do Import it shows all the current pictures taken with my iPhone, and I only want whatever picture that hasn't already been imported, and then it would put them in my iPhone 3GS smart album (pics taken with 3GS go there).

    Is there any way to do this? Aperture is a really neat program and I've already set it up with iTunes to sync the photos back to my iPhone.

    Here is a screenshot of my current setup on Aperture, I'm still a bit confused on how to do everything on this so I am learning! All the help given will be very appreciated :) [​IMG]

    I'm hoping to make the 'complete' transition from iLife to all the Prosumer applications, right now I only have Aperture but once I save enough money for Logic Express and Final Cut Express I hope everything will be settled :D A lot of things in OS X are so tightly integrated that sometimes it just get really bloated and confusing, like iMovie! I'm curious if either of those 2 programs are going to make everything into confusing libraries like garageband and imovie? I'm better off just having my files in their own places, and having the progam just stay as an editor thanks!
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