Aperture Library Recovery/corruption Issues-HELP!


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May 2, 2003
In an apparently random corruption, my Aperture Library seems to have become invisible to Aperture! It is exhibiting the strangest behaviours.

When I open it, it says that "The following new of unknown items have been found in the Library" and it lists all my albums, and gives me the option to recover them. I accept, it takes about 10 seconds to complete, and then I have an empty Library and no Albums.

VERY worried, I tried to make a duplicate of the 67GB library file incase Aperture somehow burns up all my photos. At around 20MB, it stops because something.dl could not be written or read.

Inside the package, I can find all the files I need, but it is a VERY tedious process to extract each photo from its Aperture shell. (for anyone who's interested, you have to view the contents of your library file (through the control-click menu), then the contents of one of your .approject files until you get to a folder with a bunch of .plists, .thumbnails, etc. and a folder with each image's name. Inside there is the orig. file, a bunch more files, a jpeg preview, and a jpeg thumbnail)

Is there any application that can help me rescue my photos from the buggy clutches of Aperture? As much fun as manually extracting the thousands of photos would be, I honestly don't have the time...




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Apr 18, 2004
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I took a look in iPhoto, in the File menu, to see if you can import to your iPhoto library. It seems you can't, the Aperture library is grayed out. But what happens if you drag your Aperture files in to iPhoto? I don't want to try it myself, because I don't want to drag them all into iPhoto. :p

You'd have a mess to sort, or course, but at least you'd have your images in a form that would allow them to be opened (I'm assuming, unless the files themselves actually are corrupt), and then you could back them up externally.
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