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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by twinturbov6, Jun 16, 2007.

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    Jun 16, 2007
    Hi, I have been struggling for weeks deciding on whether to get a mbp or mac pro to use for Aperture 1.5, its just killing me. The computer I have now- a mac mini core duo with 2gb ram, 7200rpm hard drive, and integrated graphics is too slow and I can only use one screen. A mac pro or macbook pro (for now) would be fast enough:
    -If I got a macbook pro now I'd get the 2.2ghz with 4gb ram for $220 from OWC and the 160gb 7200rpm seagate and put it in myself.
    -If I got a mac pro now I'd get the 2x2.66 with x1900xt and an extra 2 or 4gb ram from OWC.

    *If Aperture will be *much* faster with a 50gb library of 12mp raw files and raptor/raid arrays with the mac pro/x1900xt, then I think I should just go for one now instead of the mbp- I don't know how much better the mac pro does aperture though- would it be noticable? For now I mostly want no slowdowns when quickly browing and rating pics- no rendering delay.

    Here is my plan: if I buy the mbp now I will for sure resell it and buy the new mac pro as soon as its released in winter '07/08; if I buy the mac pro now I will probably keep it even when the new mac pro is released because I highly doubt it will drastically improve aperture performance which is already more
    than perfect with a current mac pro- but if i did want to swap mac pro's I would take a bigger loss than coming from the mbp.

    If the mac pro wasn't likely to recieve a small update soon or certainly a huge update in probably November then I would certainly buy one now since I don't care whatsoever for portability. I plan to get the ultraportable mac when it is released someday and have a 2.5lb dell x1 for now anyways if I need a portable machine. If I got the mbp now it would be used as a desktop machine only with a 1920x1200 display and with aperture- in dual display mode; using the low res internal screen itself would be annoying.

    If I did get the updated mac pro in winter I would lose money selling whatever I get now- but I'd lose less with the mbp since it will be current for quite a while now and a 4gb one would probably sell for decent money considering how much apple charges for a 4gb upgrade.

    I personally hate laptops for performance, expansion options, the fact your stuck with a small low res screen, its not compfortable to type on compared to wireless desktop keyboards/mice, etc.- I am also a big fan of WD raptor hard drives and raid arrays which I think would speed up aperture- to do that with the mbp I would need an expensive $120 esata expresscard (only 2 port though) and external drive cases- but I would still have a slow laptop drive to boot from even with the newly released fastest laptop drive- they're still way slower than a raptor. Also if I ever need to I can put more than 4gb ram in the mac pro but not the laptop. Therefore, the laptop would just be getting me by until I get the new mac pro.

    Anyways, I know this is a big spaz and I have issues, but I really appreciate any advice. Maybe I shouldn't be so cheap and just go with the mac pro now even if its going to depreciate more- *I wonder how severely it would depreciate when they are updated... Oh- regardless of which one I get I save $200 with education discount and also get a free nano. I plan to use an ADC 20% discount in the winter for a new mac pro (if I don't have one yet) or ultraportable mac.
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    It seems to me that you've already made up your mind, you just need assurances that you've made the right choice. In your case, it seems to me the only reason to get a laptop, all else being equal, is for portability. If you really need portability (which you don't), then go for the laptop. The Mac Pro as it stands is a monster of a machine, and is quite able to be upgraded six ways to Sunday. Waiting for the newer model is fine, but you're going that much longer without one. Besides, I don't think that the current Mac Pro's value will drop as calamitously as you are thinking once the new model comes out.

    If I was in your position, I'd go for the Mac Pro. :)

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