Resolved Aperture Master File Woes

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Prodo123, Jul 18, 2012.

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    I'm going to get heat for this.

    So I moved my Aperture library to my NAS (i.e. my Time Capsule) for sharing and syncing. All was well until I tried to share them on Facebook and stuff. Apparently "Versions with unavailable master files cannot be shared." (it said original because I updated to 3.3.1). Annoyingly enough, I let Aperture consolidate all my masters and keep them organized; in other words, when I copied my library to the Time Capsule's hard drive, all my masters should have moved along with it.

    Funnily enough I can make all the edits in the world; all the metadata come up as it should and I can export as well. I tried to relocate masters through File » Relocate Masters (Originals) without luck. Luckily I have the library on my local hard drive as well and it has been regularly backed up, but I really need to use the NAS. What should I do?
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    So somehow 50 or so of my masters (out of ~4000, thank goodness) were put into the bin without my knowledge (what the heck). When I emptied the Aperture bin (again, thank goodness not the OS X bin), the masters were "missing" from the library. As I expected, a peek into the NAS library revealed that all the other masters were still there!

    All I had to do was reimport those masters, lift the adjustments from their ghost copies and stamp them back on. I could delete the ghost copies without a problem and when I emptied the bin (both Aperture and OS X) the masters remained on the NAS.
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    In Aperature: File --> Locate Referenced Files...

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