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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Grimace, Sep 28, 2008.

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    with Hamburglar.
    Hey gang, for those of you who know this trick, my apologies, but I just found a way to get Aperture to update a vault on a server. This method will not work with Dreamhost (although there is a method for that too.) For those who have a Time Capsule, I will illustrate the process for that, although any NAS setup should be identical.

    1. Create a Vault on your desktop - but don't update (fill) it just yet.
    2. Select the Vault icon and "get info". Then, uncheck the lock icon.
    3. Mount the Time Capsule to your desktop (if you can't find it, click command+k in a finder window and browse for it.) Keeping an alias to mount in on the fly is also helpful for some people.
    4. Close Aperture and then copy (drag-drop) the empty Vault to your Time Capsule.
    5. Now delete the Vault on your desktop.
    6. Reopen Aperture, and the vault you created will be greyed out and will say "disconnected"
    7. Right-click and "Update path" - browse for the Time Capsule and click on the vault you just copied there.
    8. Now you can update the network vault with your photos, so long as the Time Capsule (etc.) is mounted!

    The initial vault update may take a while if your library is huge, but if you have a direct connection to your Time Capsule, it should go at a clip of 10MB/sec. The attached pic shows my success in getting a vault to sit on a 500GB Time Capsule a few rooms away.

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    Dec 23, 2008
    Aperture Vault on Network Drive

    Thanks very much for this. I'm totally new to Aperture (and Macs) and I was quite disappointed to find I couldn't make my NAS drive a Vault, seems crazy to me.

    It seems to be working at the moment, though I've only just loaded my first memory card to the Aperture Library. It's taking while to get across to the NAS (Buffalo Linkstation), possibly not helped by me keeping my Aperture Library on a USB hard drive?

    Thanks again, great simple tip, pity Apple don't mention it in the help files!!
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    Dec 23, 2008
    Network Vault

    As a follow up to this, the next time I started up Aperture after the Mac had been powered down, the network vault had disappeared from the Vault list. It's still there on the NAS drive, but Aperture can't see it. As it's not on the vault list I can't renew the path to it, so it look like this isn't going to work in my case.

    Out of interest, why doesn't Aperture let you create a Vault on a network drive?

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