Aperture, not playing ball, (Playing beachball instead)

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    I have been using Aperture for more than a couple of years now. Traditionally this was on my old G5, with a Radion 9800 GFX card (128mb, and then 64mb after the original card died a death) and two Apple Cinema Displays. The one card ran the two displays quite well with only a little delay in “genie” actions when importing images and some slight beachballing with large files loading on the second display. All GFX related.


    I recently bought a new mac pro. Spec as follows
    8x2.26 Xeon
    8Gig of Ram
    3x GT120 512Mb cards (I have 3 monitors)
    1x 160 HDD (boot drive)
    1x 640 HDD Slush drive (a bucket for odds and sods)
    1x 320 HDD (Aperture backup)
    1x 320 USB HDD –Aperture library
    1 x 500 USB Media library

    My reasoning behind the 3 GFX cards was that considering what a demand was placed on my last GFX card in my G5 I thought I would ease the strain buy effectively supplying each screen with a dedicated card. This I thought would surely speed things up.

    And so the problem:

    When I import images everything seems fine. However if I mirror the second (and third screen- as this seems to be picked up by Aperture) as soon as I do something I get Beachball heaven. Looking at my processors activity Aperture starts to use 8-900% of an available 1600% of processor use. The result is ultimately Aperture has become unresponsive and practically un-useable.
    When I turn screen mirroring off in Aperture, (leaving the other screens to see the desktop) and run it to on one screen and one card it runs smoothly and very quickly, and the processors drop to less than 8% utilisation.

    Is there something wrong with my setup, or is it just Aperture cant handle multiple GFX cards?

    Im so disappointed as I purchased this machine to fly with Aperture. Will I have any better luck with Lightroom?
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