Aperture or Photoshop???

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Green Lantern, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Just a general question about Aperture. Got my first iMac this past year and love it. iPhoto is great for organizing our family photos. Currently 9,400 of those. Needless to say we take a lot of pictures in this family. One thing I do miss is photoshop though. I had an older pro version on my PC and loved using it to highly edit photos, like removing background people and re-structuring pictures or just playing around. I took some pics of the wife and I surfing in Hawaii and made the waves look like they where 20ft high. What I want to know is does Aperture allow you to do that kind of stuff as well or is it more just color correction/effects driven. I am just not very familiar with the product but have been impressed by Apple made software so was intersted. Please let me know.

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    Aperture is not a replacement for Photoshop, rather (like Lightroom) Aperture is a complement to it. Briefly, Aperture and Lightroom are primarily sophisticated digital asset mangement tools with the ability to make global adjustments to images, versus Photoshops ability to make local adjustments on a per-pixel basis.

    So no, you won't be able to distort that surf in Aperture to make the waves look 20ft high.
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    You can't really compare the two. Aperture is for organizing and editing digital photos, whereas Photoshop has historically been used for graphic arts, things that tend to end up on print, such as magazines, etc.
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    Thanks for the help, which version of Photoshop would you recommend for Mac then?
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    Elements will likely do the trick for you.
    An update that brings the Mac version up to par with the Windows version is due in March afaik. You could also take a look at GIMP as suggested or check out Pixelmator.

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