Aperture perfomance on PB G4. Instead of CS2?


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I'm a student and I do a lot of photography. I really need to suck it up and spend the $400 it would be for me to get the CS2 suite. However, I just can't fit it in my budget right now, I do have access to CS2 if I really need it at the school digital photo lab. I was considering Aperture because it's only $150 for a student, and that will let me handle raw processing. Bridge is my favorite part of CS2. I have used Aperture before, it's a good program, but my concern with it is it's perfomance on my powerbook (1.5ghz 15" 1.5gb ram). Would the performance be too slow to work with? Any advice would be great.



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Jun 13, 2004
Well it seems to meet the minimum specs. Although you may want to up the RAM to 2GB for smoother performance. I don't have a PowerBook, but I think it should be fine. After all it was/is a professional laptop and Aperture is a professional app. Perhaps someone who runs Aperture on a PowerBook can provide better insight. :)


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Jan 5, 2006
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Yes, slow. Have you looked at Adobe "Elements" It has most of the features of the bigger Photoshop. Elements can use the plug ins for RAW photos and it runs well on the G4. (I have a G4 mini that has specs like your powerbook.)


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Dec 27, 2002
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Yeah, I was going to say test out Adobe Lightroom right now and spend that money on Elements. Then, when Lightroom is released, you can decide whether to purchase Aperture and move things over (yes yes, one last move), or to purchase Adobe Lightroom and stick with it.
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