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    Jun 26, 2013
    Hello guys,

    I am currently working on creating an Aperture workflow on Automator. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to create this in Apple Script instead? I am not a programmer by profession so I am not too familiar with the whole setup. I would greatly appreciate anyone willing / able to help me out with this.

    I have an aperture workflow as such:


    Aperture {get selected image}
    (ignore this input)

    Aperture {export versions}


    Aperture is shooting tethered to a user specified folder. The folder action is tacked on to this user specified folder. So every time a new photo comes in via tether, the workflow is activated and the version is exported to another "Edited" folder. This works well because Aperture auto selects the most recent shot. I need to export versions as opposed to the masters because I need to put on adjustments to the photo and export with a watermark logo, all in real time. Everything works fine when I shoot very slowly, like 1 photo every 10 seconds. But this is not practicle in my situation. I need to shoot about once every second or so. My problem is that the automation is not fast enough at the "get selected image" part to keep up with the tether. This results in some of the shots not being exported with the specified adjustments or existing photos being exported multiple times.

    Will working with Apple Script make things a lot faster? Or is there something that I am missing?

    (note: Those familiar with Aperture will know that Masters and Versions are two different files and versions always remain stuck in the library.aplibrary container :/ so I can't write an automation into the aplibrary.)

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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