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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by CrackedButter, Jul 22, 2008.

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    I scanned some negs using CS3 Photoshop and then saved all the images into a folder and put them in my Aperture biblioteca*.

    Now some of the negs are dirty and I want to clean them up, if I export any of them back into CS3 Photoshop (without Aperture edits) to edit them they turn really dark, so dark that adjusting the levels in CS3 won't help. Has anybody else encountered this?
    Anyway, I have another copy of the images and just opening the images in Photoshop don't seem to be a problem. Anybody come across this?

    My bonus issue is with the Spot tool in Aperture, why is it so blunt whatever the setting? If I use it to remove a few spots I can see the edited area not matter how soft I try to be but in Photoshop I can be really brutal and PS won't show any sign of editing having taken place. Do you know of a way to make edits in Aperture without showing traces?

    *My head is mush, I can't remember how to spell it in English even though its my first language, hopefully somebody understands Spanish! Crazy!

    In the 1st image (top left) we have the original without editing.
    In the second image (top right) all I have done is imported it into Photoshop, look at the difference.
    In the 3rd image (bottom left) I've highlighted the area I want to edit.
    In the final image I've made the edit but I can see traces of what I've edited which is annoying because Photoshop is so good at not leaving a trace from something like this which I consider to be simple since that area isn't complicated.

    What do people think?

    @Vel, thanks why couldn't I recall how to spell that word. Library, Library, Library, must remember again! :)

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    was the word you were looking for library...with regards your problem though, I don't know sorry

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