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    Mar 27, 2007
    Which do you use? I perfer to use both: Apeture for my organization of my photos, and Photoshop for the editing.
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    Feb 19, 2005
    The question should not be which one people use. The fact of the matter is that Aperture and Lightroom alike are meant to really compliment Photoshop or whatever image-editing program you use. Most photographers or even the hobbyist will eventually find out that Lightroom and Aperture are wonderful, but they lack certain features. Adobe has said that Lightroom is not meant to take the place of PS for photogs. It is meant to compliment PS. Of coruse, they're not going to say that a program with a significantly smaller price tag is meant to take over PS, the proof is in the usage.

    If someone says that all they use is one or the other then that is great. Their work flow may be suitable for such. However, for me, using both whether it be Aperture or Lightroom and Photoshop is simply the way that I choose to go. Lightroom thus far has been a very nice digital darkroom. I have yet to commit to either, I'm using a license for Lightroom that belongs to a client technically. (it is 100% legit, it's his computer). I gave Lightroom a second look last week after reading something about it from Calumet and I must say it's really a hard choice between Aperture and Lightroom. Being a mac user and Lightroom being ran on windows for me right now (client's) it seems only right to use Aperture. With that said, the short answer to your question is both. There is not enough in Aperture to really tell me PS isn't needed.

    And your thread title has a typo. :)

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