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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Rexfordbridge, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Apr 30, 2011
    What I'm going to be using the unit for is recording some songwriting ideas and then editing and producing them in Garageband. I then take that product and use it as a sketch for the professional studio that I go to approximately once a month. Having only one input is fine for me as I record one instrument at a time. I actually like the idea of the internal microphone on the One unit to as it will help the quick sketch ideas. The price difference is $300.

    My questions are: I have a set of studio monitors that I mix on as well as listen to mp3's on (Dynaudio's). I noticed that the Duet has "4 (Stereo headphone out & L/R speaker outs)". From what I understand the One only has one output then a splitter has to be purchased to allow for the monitors.

    1) Would having a splitter effect the sound quality or the panning of the music when I listen back? Will it have any other noticeable effect?
    2) The Duet has balanced speaker outputs while the one has unbalanced. Is this important for my application?

    So, which unit would be best for me?
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    Aug 24, 2008
    No and no.

    I guess the one would be great for you. If you go to a studio on a monthly basis, the one should be great for basic sketches. Price wise, the duet is probably one of the most expensive 2 input interface out there. The price is justified with very high quality audio and great pre amps. But if you're just using it to sketch out stuff, who cares about quality? The one should be fine if you don't intend on building a home studio. The internal mic should be enough to save you from buying an external mic, something to add on top of the 300$. Also, the one is much more portable (if you're on the go/touring or what ever).
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    Aug 8, 2011
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    North Carolina
    I think the Duet 2 is very good unit...and from my test fares equally well as the older FireWire Duet.

    The Blue Blueberry: my experience is it does well with acoustic guitars - is decent with a fairly wide range of Vox - but requires a nice Pre to shine.
    I will say this; At $1k USD it is a expensive albeit nice looking tweaked Chinese condenser mic. At that range a AKG 414 would IMO serve you better...which I'll add the 414s are not made in Chia.

    The Duet FireWire pres sound good - I suspect the Duet 2s will as well.

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