apogee duet FW doesnt recognize mac

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by jos3j85, Dec 31, 2017.

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    Hi everyone i have apogee duet FW and i was working several time with it with my imac 2011 on el capitan.
    last month i bought a new i mac 2015 27" and i bought this adapter from firewire to thunderbolt and it doesnt work in any computer now in my old one and new one the light are on in the apogee but mac doestnt recognize it i tried with a back up of yosemite and nothing i reinstall drivers several times. adn i bought a new firewire cable.sometimes it get like blocked like the photo i dont know what else to do if someone know what could happen let me know. thanks :)

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    What version of the OS do you have on the new iMac?

    Try visiting gearslutz.com and browse there. One of the best audio forums on the net.

    I will -guess- that it -might be- a "driver" problem (I realize that CORE audio is supposed to be "free of" driver problems, but...)

    Have you visited Apogee's site to see what they have to say about it?
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