ApolloIM hits Beta!

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Jul 26, 2007
Well, we've released BETA 0.1 - that's right folks, we're above Zero. The stability in this version is far superior, and I believe that it's actually ready for "Use." We've piled through the issues and fixed as many bugs as we could have, and for being barely a week old, I think we're doing amazing things. We have also just gotten, as of today, libPurple fully compiled and the nullclient/ncurses client (Finch) working, and so you can expect support in the near future for MSN/Yahoo/Jabber/Gtalk and as many others as we can get linked - special thanks to Core & Nightwatch for working hard on that.

Since last week we've implemented a host of changes - mostly at the request of people like yourself. So please keep filing "Issues" and if you've got a comment on a build or would like to say thanks - feel free to email the team (emails at the right).

Notable Fixes: -Conversation Windows' scrolling is a lot smoother and works a lot more reliably (Fixed by moving to a UIScroller)

-Defaults back to the send box after sending a message (was the conversation window. Fixed by moving to a UIScroller)

-If you are disconnected, your password is wrong, or you chose to disconnect - it will not close ApolloIM. You're free to select another account or change your pass and then reconnect.

Firsts: -First application to implement Edge Keep Alive - found method in NetworkController.h that should bring Edge up if it's down as well as keep edge alive while in suspend. This however does not apply to Wifi yet - wifi is seemingly controlled by Springboard, and when springboard suspends at lockdown it will bring this down. We're on the lookout for getting a springboard hack implemented (a la summerboard), and as soon as we get something we'll implement it asap. For now, assuming you've got plenty of bars of coverage, Edge will stay connected. I would warn you that there is the chance you will miss a call / text message, but every time I have received a text/call while on ApolloIM (on Edge), it has exited Apollo and allowed me to take the call. Will require much testing.

-First application to implement vibration. Admittedly, it's a dirty hack right now - but our buddy pumpkin in #iphone-uikit has come through and found a way to get vibrate working. You can turn it on and off (Along with sound!) at your discretion.

Other New Features: -Buddy info works, but isn't pretty. -Delete button for Accounts -UI Badges like Mail/MobileSMS for unread messages

What sort of works: -Sound is kind of wonky at moment. For example, if you're playing a song on the iPod and you get a message while sound is on, it will pause your song and not resume. We haven't figured out yet how to send the notification to turn it back on. For now, I would recommend that you keep sound off while you intend to listen to your earphones and just use vibrate.
I for one can not wait to get home from work to try this sucker out!


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Jun 25, 2007
central nj
It is getting MUCH better, but still needs tweeking. I am sure as the weeks go on Apollo IM will be a fine solution.

Two things I would like to see are alerts while using other apps and the option to have the return key send the IM


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Apr 13, 2007
As soon as this gets some buddy sorting, and the ability to close IMs, its going to be awesome. A slick GUI is probably on the way id assume too..

Great work so far!

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Jul 7, 2006
MobileChat is pretty nice too. It looks exactly the same as the SMS bubbles, and such ...

I prefer it over ApolloIM.